Scranton Sports History/Baseball

I am going to use this blog to post information find regarding Scranton, Pa.’s varied sports history. Scranton has a long history of minor league baseball, minor league basketball and professional boxing. Minor League football also was played here from time to time.

Below is a list of Scranton’s minor league baseball teams. Baseball left Scranton in 1953 when the Browns franchise left town. The new Stadium was sold to Richmond, Va for their minor league team. In 1954, the stadium was dismantled and shipped piece by piece.

Scranton Indians (International Association)- 1887
Scranton Miners (Central League)- 1888
Scranton Miners (Pennsylvania State League)- 1892-1893
Scranton Indians (Pennsylvania State League)- 1894 Athletic Park/Brooks Field
Scranton Washer Women (Eastern League)- 1894 Athletic Park/Brooks Field
Scranton Coal Heavers (Eastern League)- 1895, Athletic Park/Brooks Field
Scranton Miners (Eastern League)- 1896-1897, Athletic Park/Brooks Field
Scranton Miners (Atlantic League)- 1899-1900, Athletic Park/Brooks Field
Scranton Miners (New York State League)- 1904-1917, Athletic Park/Brooks Field
Scranton Miners (New York-Penn League)- 1923-1937, Athletic Park/Brooks Field
Scranton Red Sox (Eastern League)- 1939-1952, Brooks Field and Scranton Stadium
Scranton Miners (Eastern League)- 1953, Scranton Stadium
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons- 1989-Present, Lackawanna County Stadium

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre will begin an affiliation with the New York Yankees begining this current year, the artificial turf is being ripped up and replaced with natural grass.



  1. Would love to find more info re. my Uncle, Pete Rice. Article in Scranton paper talks about Pete as “Mr. Baseball” of city in 1930’s, 40’s. He was only 4’3″, worked at Scranton Club, was daily attendant at home games. Helped “pack Athletic Park” in 1939 (maybe really 1937?) for General Manager Freddy Seymour. Sold tickets to miners, presented anthracite souvenir on Opening Day to Manager Nemos Lefbold. Died about 1948 in Scranton after heart attack at Scranton Club. Once had photo taken at club of Pete with two major league Red Sox players. Any chance of anyone having any info, knowing of photos, etc.? Does Scranton Club still exist? Thanks!!

    • Jan,
      The Lackawanna County Historical Society and the local library have some of the archive newspapers on microfilm. The Scranton ball club is now the Scranton Yankees and soon to change the name again. Let me check and see. I’m not the best at researching. What year do you think it is? You could also check the Scranton Times and see if they have any information?


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