Leon Day, Scranton Pitcher

Leon Day, Hall of Fame PitcherIn 1952, Hall of Fame pitcher Leon Day of the Negro Leagues pitched for the Scranton Miners in 1952. The team was affiliated with the St. Louis Browns, ending a long affiliation with the Boston Red Sox the previous sesaon. Leon Day was selected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1995. His winning percentage of .708, is higher than any pitcher currently in the Hall of Fame. He was the dominant picher in the Negro Leagues during the 1930’s and 40’s. He had a good fastball, curve change and would sometimes pitch without a wind-up.

Leon was a triple threat. He could hit, field and pitch and could run with anyone in the league. In 1937, Leon enjoyed one of his finest campaigns, compiling a perfect 13-0 record and batting .320 with eight home runs. I Wonder what a player of his ability would earn in today’s game?

Leon Day batted .314 for the Scranton Miners in 1952. He was also 13-9 as a pitcher. He was 35 years old when he played in Scranton. Leon played in Scrantnon at a time of deep prejudice in the USA. On this he said, “We didn’t worry about that,” he said of playing in segregated ballparks. “See, we loved to play baseball. As long as we played, we didn’t care where we played.” (Tom Kern SABR.org)


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