A 788 Foot Fence (from the Sporting News)

A 788 Foot Fence ( reprinted from a 1932 issue of the Sporting News)
I have seen some long fence distances, but this fence distance that Davis Barker came up with is the longest I have heard of. Davis found this in a 1932 issue of the Sporting News. What is also of note is that certain towns were still using “Sunday parks,” presumably because of the Blue Laws still in effect in Pennsylvania.

Scranton, Pa– A deed to the park awaits any player who make a home run over the center field fence at Dickson City Park, the Sunday home of the Scranton Miners of the NYP League. The offer has been made by Stanley Evans, head of the Dickson City Association, who says the deed will be presented to the player when he crosses home plate after making the clout.However, the fence stands 788 feet from home plate and not even Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees ever knocked a ball that far. The park is one of magnificent distances, for the left field fence is 315 feet from home plate and that in right field 416 feet.The Miners utilize the property on Sunday, on which games are forbidden in Scranton. It has accommodations for 7,500.


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