Scranton has a long history in the EBL and CBA
Scranton Miners (1954-1970)
Scranton Apollos (1970-1977)
Pennsylvania Barons (1979-1980)
Scranton Aces (1980-1981)

Scranton competed in the old Eastern Basketball League. They won championships in 1957, 1971 and 1977. Scranton had many notable players throughout the years including Willie Somersett, Bill Spivey , Charlie Criss, Rory Sparrow and Jim Boeheim. Penn State great Jesse Arnelle played for the Hazelton Mountaineers. Jack Molinas, Bill Spivey, Bob McDonald all were unofficially banned from the NBA (for point shaving or in Spivey’s case refusing to testify) but thrived in the EBL. Bill Spivey played for both the Wilkes Barre and Scranton franchises.

The Eastern League was a weekend only league. The players played the games in high school gym or whatever was available. The Scranton franchise played at the Old Scranton Catholic Youth Center. It is currently being used by Lackawanna College. It was capable of seating approximately 2500 fans.