crissOne of the most successful players in Scranton basketball history is Charlie Criss. He was also one of the shortest. Charlie was a 5′ 8″ guard out of New Mexico State. He was drafted by the Knicks and played for the Scranton Miners under Stan Novak. He was a legend on the playgrpunds of NYC and a star in the Eastern League. Charlie eventually made the NBA…7 years after he finished his college career. He had a great career with the Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks and San Diego Clippers. Charlie averaged 8.5 points and 3.2 assists in the NBA. Hubie Brown, coach of Atlanta, gave him first real shot in the NBA.

Charlie was a great player in the Eastern League. He led the league in scoring 3 times, each time averaging over 30 points a game. He earned the league’s star pay, $60 a month. Charlie also won the League’s MVP in 1975-76 and 1976-77 seasons. On December 18, 1976 he had a night for the ages. In a double over-time victory over the Hartford Downtowners, Charlie put 63 points on the board to lead all scorers. Scranton defeated the Downtowners, 148-143.

Scranton Apollos
Criss 63
Cornwall 18
Daughtry 4
Haigler 27
Henry 19
Cabrerra 10
Rhodes 3

McKinney 27
Dorsey 15
Thomas 8
Mayfield 46
Vitley 10
Luckett 15
Delannasso 0
Carrington 2
Moore 4

There isn’t much information on rebounds or assists, nothing in the article. Maybe they weren’t so “stats” obsessed in the 1970’s?