James Corbett and his brother, Joe, played baseball for Scranton in a game in 1895. Scranton competed in the Eastern League in 1895. According to baseballreference.com, Scranton’s team was named the Coalheavers.  Buffalo was nicknamed the Bison.  On August 12, 1895 Heavyweight World Champion Boxer Jim Corbett played 1b for Scranton against Buffalo.  He was 28 years old. He helped Scranton to a 6-3. His brother, Joe was a member of the Scranton team and he played SS. Big Jim had 2 hits in 4 trips. “The Kid” as Jim called his brother was 1 for 3.  A crowd of 6,000 attended the game.  (Scranton Republican August 13, 1895 p. 7)

In 1897, Jim Corbett was now the ex-heavyweight Champion of the World. Corbett had lost his title to Bob Fitzsimmons in March of 1897. He played at least 2 games for Scranton this year. He played many games in the minors for multiple teams over his career.

In 1906, Jim is listed as a member of the Scranton franchise. He was 39 years old.  He played on game against Wilkes-Barre. He was hitless and retired after the 6th inning. He played alongside Archbald “Moonlight” Graham, also known as Doc.  He was replaced in the Scranton lineup by Ed Ashenback.

corbettJoe Corbett, SS and Pitcher