Scranton and NEPA SPORTS and History

This Blog is about the Sports History of Scranton, Pa. Also current minor league baseball team: The SWB Railriders!

About Finner

I am a 1990 Graduate of Penn State and a 2002 graduate of LCCC, also known as the cube.

People may know the name Scranton as the fictional home of the Dunder-Mifflin Co. in NBC’s The Office. They may possibly know it for being the home and final resting place of Jason Miller, author of That Championship Season. It is the home or former home of a lot of great athletes and of great athletic events.

I am very interested in local history, specifically sports history. It is amazing to me that so many gret athletes passed through here on the way to greater things. The list of athletes from Scranton includes, Mike Munchak, Gerry McNamara, Joe Collins, the O’Neil Brothers, Marc Spindler, Don Jonas, Cosmo Iacavazzi and Edgar “Special Delivery” Jones among others.

The area has a rich history of minor league sports. many great athletes and great names played in and for Scranton franchises. In Basketball future NBA player, Charlie Criss got his start in the old CYC gym. Jim Boheim and Willie Somersett starred here as well as Big Man Bill Spivey.

In baseball, the franchise stretches back to the 1880’s. Archibald Wright Graham played here 1905-1908. Moonlight Graham was made fanous by the movie Field of Dreams based on the book Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella.  Hippo Vaughn pitched here in 1908, with a modest 2-4 record. He would later become a great pitcher for the Cubs. Chick Shorten and other local talen got their start here or in other coal towns like Wilkes-Barre, Hazelton and other towns. Later Cole Hammels, jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard and many future Phillies played here. Roger Clemems, Alex Rodriguez and other did some rehab work here while playing for the Yankees.

I will try to highlight the career of many of these people as well as some of the exciting events that have taken place here.


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